Man Brothers Arabian Group reserves the right to select and target its clients who adhere to Islamic finance.

The type of client that Man Brothers Arabian Group accounts for is state, macro-economics and Family Office.

The clients should comply with Islamic Sharia and should provide all documents which will prove the history of their funds.

The clients should have their clean & clear funds without restrictions. They should also not have to undergo usury on profits by interest or illegal activity.

In case of increase of its assets, the client must provide the way through which the increase is made​​. For example, if the history of its capital has been identified and approved for our supervisory committee then if this capital increases, it shall again enforce its proofs in compliance with Islamic finance.

So that our clients are reassured about the application of Islamic system, a training is given to the client and taking into account documentary suitable for each of them. Some clients want to have an in-house specialist trained from the biggest Quranic schools so that he ensures smooth running and application of Islamic finance in their accounts.

The client will contractually commit to respect all Islamic financial laws.