Code of Ethics

Man Brothers Arabian Group  works in specific and sensitive activities, Man Brothers Group requires to list its actions around fundamental principles that constitute its ethics with all its partners and collaborators.
  • Man Brothers Arabian Group is clearly identified by the financial authorities to carry out its activities internationally, Man Brothers Group gives special importance to the laws and regulations for its activities.
  • Man Brothers Arabian Group defends itself by its financial autonomy and its shareholders.
  • MBG is distinguished by the weight of its judgments, the criteria for its choice of activities and the diversity of its client portfolio. Consequently, MBG reserves the right to reject any activity, as well as any individual or corporation, not complying with its ethics.
Fulfillment of commitments
  • MBG commits to provide only the services for which it controls the execution and has the necessary means to provide the highest level of safety in management of funds of its clients.
  • MBIFI will constantly inform its partner of the change in situation of the clients.
Adherence to principles
  • MBG fully adheres to the principles of international laws and especially against money laundering.
  • MBG commits to comply with the statutory instruments related to wealth management.
  • MBG/Client relationships must go beyond the traditional framework of a service since they are exercised under exceptional conditions, to become those of a partnership based on trust relationships.
  • MBG requires to list its action within the time and respect for privacy and business of its client.
  • MBG will ensure never to harm the reputation of their partners by its action and initiative.
  • As part of its activities, MBG is led to collect or process certain number of sensitive or confidential information about its clients. These data remain exclusive property of the client. Utmost discretion is a basic rule for employees of MBG, both in their actions and in their behavior. Any breach of this rule, any indiscretion, even unintentional, constitutes a serious misconduct.
Quality of men
  • MBG gives special importance to the recruitment and selection of partners, which takes place exclusively by cooptation. An application is considered only if the behavior and skills of the interested party are recognized by at least two employees of MBG.
  • Each of the employees and partners of MBG have became aware of this Code of Ethics and approved it.