Man-Brothers-Islamic-Financial-InstitutionCORPORATE AND INSTITUTION

Man Brothers Islamic Financial Institution “Community Treasure” offers a wide range of services to its discerning customers. Access to services of original Islamic finance that will ensure your investment funds. Sharia is your only guarantee because it strongly motivates the return to the fundamentals of trade rules in the world.

Management solution for your Infrastructures  & humanitarian projects

We offer total support to your projects.

A comprehensive offer offers you implementation of Business plan, creation of company in all legal forms, capital deposit account and legal acts.

We also propose you our comprehensive offer on large-scale projects via our international partners.

We also offer management services suitable for the customers :

  • Business Package (Global Management: Accounts, Cards, online Pro Access, transaction tracking, etc …)
  • Accounts & cards
  • Online Payment
  • Cash management

We believe that every company must have its cash flow at any time by applying an investment policy suitable for each of them. We advise our investment planning in 4 steps

1.  Needs analysis
2.  Investments overview
3.  Risk Profile
4.  Strategy

This is why Man Brothers Islamic Financial Institution proposes its services and advice in:

  • Liquidity planning
  • Optimization of investment return
  • Short Term
  • Medium and long term
  • Institutional Investors
  • Strategy consulting

Man Brothers Islamic Financial Institution helps professionals to structure, support and define their investment strategy.

Following the strategy advice Man Brothers Islamic Financial Institution assists you to define your structured products.

Through our investment process more than effective and safe management of risk, our subsidiary Man Brothers Asset Management in Switzerland has the role to assist  you manage your assets according to the strategy that you want as well as the one we propose.