• A team of 10 people specialized for our business
  • Because the position of stakeholders is fundamentally important for this department,
    MBAM has selected its developers and account managers to provide all necessary information to its customers.
  • The steering committee works upstream to give its approval on the records


  • The Supervisory Committee is requested to establish controls and supervise all  records
  • It is the guarantor of smooth running and compliance with rules and laws for wealth management
  • Our consulting firms follow us for over 10 years in our activities in order to provide quality of services, fluency in our business and preferred contact with other consulting firms representing our customers.


  • Managerial Group since 10 years in large financial institutions, Real Estate  and Hedge Funds
  • Officers of private and derivative markets are organized and structured to manage a team of 30 people
  • Their management is based on respect for each other.
  • The first rule is  work and efficiency to guarantee returns on our customers’ assets


  • Our team consists of 15 specialists and market analysts with at least 5 years of experience, based in Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi Oman and Rotterdam in order to ensure better visibility in international commodity markets.
  • It implements the management decisions and take position with our partners
  • It analyzes and generates the reports for account managers