Board Of Director
  • Chaired by Samir Antonio Osmani (Vice-President of the group)
  • An active and reactive Committee on the decisions (shareholders and members)
  • A team which organizes and monitors
Sharia Board
  • The supervisory board monitors and supervises all records of due diligence and compliance for our clients.
  • It is the guarantor of smooth running and compliance with Islamic Sharia.
  • It is updated from the biggest Islamic authorities through the greatest scholars.
  • Managerial Group since 20 years in large financial institutions, Real Estate and Hedge Funds
  • Directors guarantee compliance with Sharia on financial exchanges.
  • Compliance with the overall policy decided by the Supervisory Board related to Islamic Sharia and international standards
  • Direct connection with Man Brothers Financial Institution which is the group’s financial institution responsible for financial transactions of commodity and Buy and Sell (Trade Finance and Commodities).
Back office
  • A specialized team for our activities strategically distributed over the global financial places.
  • The position of analysts and specialists coming from the biggest Koranic schools is very high.
  • Our due diligences are organized for our experts in order to ensure exemplary traceability and compliance with Sharia.