Charity, in Islam, is not only recommended, but mandatory for every Muslim who has income. Give alms to those who are in need is part of the nature of Muslim and is one of the five major pillars of Islam. Zakat is “compulsory alms“; indeed, it is mandatory, for those whom God has blessed with means and wealth, to help the members of the poorest Muslim community. Some people, devoid of any sentiment of love and compassion towards others, know only to amass wealth and make it grow more and more while having no regard or interest for most beings in distress. The teachings of Islam are poles apart from this kind of attitude. Islam encourages sharing of wealth and see to it that the most fragile populations become contributing members of the society through support in the field.

Man Brothers Foundation is a foundation of solidarity and charity, whose aim is to meet by these commitments starvation in the world, for the poor people, devastated or faced with war, by vital needs and basic necessities (emergency care, food, reconstruction after a disaster, education, protection of families, setting up infrastructure …).

Man Brothers Foundation refuses any race, sex, ethnic, or nationality or religion discrimination in its action