MBAsset is a private member company of the financial group Man Brothers Arabian group. MBAsset Management is neither a bank, nor an investment products broker.

MBAsset Management is a wealth management company, offering investment counseling and unique financial management service. Our approach meets a requirement, identified since several years, that the family office and entrepreneurs face as soon as their private assets reaches a certain threshold.

Very large wealth select bankers or management companies objectively, negotiating the terms of remuneration of various stakeholders, investigating such as private or real estate investments and then regularly ensure monitoring and homogeneous and accurate reporting. However, even for large assets, this ideal organization is not always suitable.

It is in this obtique that MBAM works with the customers through solutions suitable for their needs (funds or assets). This Hedge Fund positions itself in a variable performance market based on the customers’ needs.

As such, we support private and corporate whose financial dimension tends to rival with that of institutional investors. We provide them an independent and global asset management service, which is entirely dedicated to them and pursue several objectives: protection and growth of assets of these families, as well as transfer of their assets within an appropriate and suitable legal and fiscal framework.