Our Mission

Man-Brothers-FoundationMan Brothers Foundation is a team which acquired a very advanced and intelligent operational expertise in the field of humanitarian aid since 15 years. Man Brothers Foundation works with the communities through the expertise of its local teams and thus can work, shoulder to shoulder, with the villages, in the very heart of the problems encountered in the poorest countries.


Our mission is:

  • Work daily to help the most destitute (women, children as well as elderly and vulnerable people.
  • Fight against famine and some diseases that will no longer have to exist in the 21st century
  • Make sure to adhere to the most basic rights of children so that they become responsible adults.
  • Develop sustainable and effective actions based on the participation of our communities by bringing them together by our efficiency in the field.

Our mission is funded by our activities and by donations (Zakat). We are another alternative to humanitarian aid, we propose it the form of industrialization of our concessions, development of access to jobs so that the family head can regain central position within his family.

An effective mission is a mission accomplished on the entire community and staff environment, our mission goes from famine until access to private independence through micro credit without interest.