Man-Brothers-FoundationBrothers Foundation was created in 1990 by Muslims upset by famine, poor sanitation, lack of education as well as teaching and access to the habitat in Africa.

Leaders of Man Brothers Foundation are given humanitarian works as pillars which remains as a fundamental right to the most destitute in the eyes of the group.

In order to preserve and retain its moral and financial freedom, Man Brothers Foundation acts according to its own principles and is not determined in any case according to interests whatsoever.

Man Brothers Foundation remains strictly neutral, without race, sex or religion discrimination.

Man Brothers Foundation promotes free access directly to the victims by direct control of its programs. In any case, the partners with which it can be brought to work should not be the ultimate beneficiaries of its aid programs.

Man Brothers Foundation bases the design as well as management and evaluation of its programs on the requirements of professionalism and capitalization of its experience, in order to maximize its efficiency and use of its resources.

Man Brothers Foundation commits towards these group’s beneficiaries, partners and donors, to respect transparency and information in allocation of its funds.

But the idea to be retained on the very foundation of our actions is that every action taken is and will remain under the watchful eye and blessing of our Lord Allah Rizha wajeul.