Wealth Management



Our asset management consulting business (CGF) consists to:

Establish asset assessment taking into account the characteristics of your person, your family, your economic and professional situation, your risk aversion, your history and especially your asset goals.

Optimize the following criteria according to your desired goals

Risk/reward tradeoff

Reward materialized in the form of gains (while ensuring regularity and sufficient amounts), unrealized gains (depending on the increase in estimated value of property) and realized (during transfer) compared to the value of initial investment.

The risk measured by default by the volatility of valuation of the investment and/or its rating (rating agency).

Transfer of assets according to tax system and family risks (prodigal son/daughter, divorce, separation of children etc.).

Financial flows so that the customer has enough to meet their needs (current expenditures), its obligations or the unexpected (car to be replaced, urgent work…).

Optimizing these criteria is important for your asset, so MBAM will endeavor to ensure a quality job properly

established, to get MBAM to liaise with your advices to make our mission qualitative.

Coordinate the work of specialists.

According to our level of freedom and independence, we can coordinate and work in collaboration with a multitude of specialized stakeholders according to the records whether or not having a trust relationship with the customer :

  • Notary
  • Chartered accountant
  • Banker
  • Tax lawyers
  • And other asset managers (forest, art, etc.).
  • Do general, fiscal and legal watch in order to continuously adapt the situation of people managed
  • Analyze and recommend taxation structures
  • Define allocation of assets representing investment strategy
  • Select and choose custodian banks
  • Search and select the best investment opportunities
  • Manage assets, i.e. anticipate and adapt to ever-changing economic and tax background and change in asset of our customers
  • Monitor and control all operations on administrative and accounts chart
  • Follow managers and their performance and prepare regular reports according to  a form and a frequency defined with the customer