Who we are

Bismillaah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem

Man Brothers Arabian Group, is a holding that was founded in September 2002 in London. Man Brothers Arabian Group’s role is to organize, structure and control all activities of the group in the largest economic sectors.

Man Brothers Arabian Group is an Islamic financial institution fulfilling all obligations and duty of a Muslim. Our institution has initiated numerous projects for the development of damaged and social areas through our foundations. Man Brothers Arabian Group guarantees the option to earn money to its clients while having the opportunity to have an ideal tool for accomplishment of its zakatt’.

Man Brothers Arabian Group is a private financial institution offering first-class quality of services to its clients as well as a wide range of products following the rules of Islamic Sharia. The group’s clientele is mainly focused on large companies and institutions.

Man Brothers Arabian Group is chaired by Haçade Bensalem.

The CEO is guided by its shareholders Haçade Bensalem (President), Samir Antonio Osmani (Vice-President). They are jointly and severally liable for their commitments. For this reason, Man Brothers Arabian Group enjoys total financial, operational and decision-making independence, and rigorously manages the risks inherent in its field of activity, in the best interest of its clients.

Man Brothers Arabian Group has an activity of filing in accordance with Islamic law, Sharia compliance, Due diligence, buy & sell, commodities and provides a highly rigorous qualitative management by its wealth management activity.

Bismillaah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem